No one is ever more deserving than a mother. Being a mother is the most difficult job. It requires lots of patience and loving nature. No job is more demanding than the job of a mother. Any gift can’t compensate for the love and care of a mother.

Your mother is always there for you whenever you need her. She plays the role of a teacher, caretaker, cheerleader, friend and family. She can play the role of everyone in your life, but no one can play her role. 

She works for us and always tries to fulfill all our needs and demands. So it is very important for us to show our love and express our gratitude towards her. She deserves a gift every day for her tremendous love and care towards us. But we can at least give her something really special on her birthday to make her feel special and loved. So if you are also looking for gifts to surprise your mom on her birthday, here is the list of items. 


What’s better than a letter that will express your love and gratitude towards her on her birthday? You can write a letter on your own either on a ready-made card or a handmade card and give it to her. This will be the most heart-melting gift for her.


Every mother is different, but what remains the same is the love and care she showers on her children. The caring nature of a mother is not just confined to her children but also extends to the things that require care and love. So you can get a small plant for your mom as a new member in your house. She will show extreme love and care towards it also. 


Mothers never got anything for her in the first place. She always thinks of her children first.

On her birthday you can get her a simple, classy evergreen pendant. She will be amazed by this gift. You can choose the metal of your choice. Pendants are available in silver, gold, diamond and platinum as well.

Spa kit-

To let your mom be a woman in the first place and enjoy her time alone, you can get a spa kit for her. So that she can have a relaxed time alone. This kit will include a sponge, bath essentials, towels, aroma candle and diffuser. 

Hobby kit-

With all the responsibilities and duties, your mom must have forgotten all her hobbies. To remind her of her childhood memories and make her feel free and calm for a while, give her a hobby kit. This is a completely personalised gift depending upon your mother’s preferences. If your mother likes painting, you can get her a painting set or if she likes gardening, you can get her plants and gardening stuff. 

Jewellery box-

To let her jewellery be organised, you can get her a jewellery box. To make it more special, you can engrave a short message for her to add a personal touch to it. I am sure she will love it. 

Chopping board-

All mothers love to cook for their children and their family. She puts all her effort into taking care of the health of her children. So on her birthday you can get her a chopping board to ease her efforts.


Birthdays are incomplete without a cake. So if you don’t want to get something materialistic for your mom, then get her a delicious and beautiful cake. You can also choose to get a custom-made cake according to the preference of your mother. These days, an online cake delivery system is also available. 

Tip- If you live abroad for your job or education, and still want to send her a cake, you can send it via an online system. There are online bakeries available. You can send cakes to India from the USA via these systems. 

Tote Bag-

To add style and class to the personality of your mother, you can get her an all-purpose tote bag. It can be of jute, cotton or of any other material depending on her choice. 

Digital health watch-

Mothers hardly take time to watch their health and take care of themselves. So to keep an eye on your mother’s health, you can get a digital health wrist watch. You will be able to track her heart beats, sugar level, thyroids and other problems that develop in her due to old age. You can monitor her health through your smartphone once you connect the watch with your phone. 

So these were some gift ideas for you to choose from for your mother on her birthday. She is a mom, and moms love to be with their children more than just getting a gift from them. Apart from the gifts you get for her, make sure to take some time from your busy life and spend time with her. This means a lot to her than a gift.

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