Did Papa Jim die? Danny Duncan pays tribute to beloved internet sensation 

Papa Jim

Papa Jim: Internet’s favorite grandad pop Jim has passed away. News of his passing was created public by YouTuber Danny professional dancer, who typically featured him in his infective agent videos. pop Jim was ninety two years old. At the time of writing, the rationale behind his death had not been made public.

Danny Duncan took to Instagram on could twelve to announce that Jim had passed away. He shared a series of images beside the internet’s favorite aged prankster. The post read Papa Jim :

Jim, a web personality, was famed for his appearances on Danny Duncan’s YouTube channel. The adventurous grandad was seen skinny dipping associate degreed quad biking within the videos. it had been apparent that Jim lived on the edge.

gazing the pair’s shut bond, one would assume that Jim is professional dancer’s grandfather. However, he’s the grandfather of fellow YouTuber and Duncan’ close friend David Tomchinsky. David works as an government Assistant/ Social Media Manager for Danny Duncan.

Tributes pour in as Papa Jim passes away

Danny Duncan has accumulated over 6.51 million subscribers on his channel. Unsurprisingly, Jim became the internet’s favorite figure since showing on his channel. many netizens took to social media to pay tribute to Jim. many tweets read:

Internet’s favorite grandpa fell victim to death hoax

Jim had antecedently fallen victim to a web death hoax. In February 2021, there have been rumors that pop Jim had died once Danny professional dancer denote an image of himself and also the aged man beside the caption “I miss you father.”

it had been later reportable that the YouTuber was out of city and was missing Jim as a result of he had not seen him in a very while. several netizens were irritated with the “bad selection of words.”


many weeks later, rumors began current online over again that Jim had passed away. A Twitter user said:

“RIP papa Jim you were the highlight of Danny Duncan. Rest In Peace papa Jim.”

many netizens and fans were dismayed to examine the tweets and commenced frantically tweeting for confirmation. However, professional dancer took to Instagram, stating that Jim was “alive and well.” in a very video uploaded to his Instagram story, Jim was seen spoken language “I would like a shave.”

Who is Danny Duncan?

Danny Duncan may be a 29-year-old YouTube temperament and comedian. The Englewood, Florida-native graduated from Lemon Bay highschool in 2010. His initial job was at Walgreens.

beside being a well-liked social media figure, Duncan conjointly has his own clothing complete condition Rocks, that he typically promotes in his videos.

Danny professional dancer began uploading content to his channel in March 2014. His current web value is calculable to be worth nearly $8 million.

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