Congo Tetra: The Complete Care Guide


Of the numerous assortments of tetra, the Congo tetra is likely the most neglected with regards to aquariums. These delightful little fish have splendid shadings everywhere on their bodies and make an incredible sight locally tank swimming in an enormous sandbar. Numerous individuals don’t consider or even notification these fish in fish stores, as they are generally sold as adolescents and do not have the splendid tinge of grown-ups. 

In this aide, we investigate these excellent fish species and disclose how to really focus on them in the event that they are to flourish in a home aquarium. 


The Congo tetra, whose logical name, Phenakogrammus interruptus, was found by Boulanger in 1899. This freshwater fish species is local to Africa, explicitly the Zaire River district in the upper Congo Basin, consequently the normal name of the fish. 

In nature, Congo tetras live in feeders, streams, and bogs where the water is somewhat acidic, and perceivability is poor. These conditions are typically sandy-lined and encompassed by rich vegetation. These Congo fish likewise live in pools where the water development is moderate, and the substrate is thick with mud and residue, some split up by rocks however no float or fallen branches. 

Wild Congo tetras are omnivorous tutoring fish, benefiting from zooplankton, plant matter, green growth, bugs, shellfish, and bugs. 

There is no prompt natural danger to the species, and the Congo tetra, in this manner, isn’t on the IUCN Red List of Concern. The life expectancy of these fish is as a rule somewhere in the range of three and five years. 

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The Congo tetra Phenacogrammus interruptus has the average tetra body shape, which is loaded with scales. Male fish have dorsal, caudal, and butt-centric balances with since a long time ago pointed edges, with the middle piece of the tail balance extended. 

Male Congo tetras regularly measure 3.5 inches tall, while females develop to a little more than 2 inches. Develop Congo tetras are radiant and opalescent, the top piece of their body is blue, the center part concealed from red to yellow-gold, and afterward back to blue. The balances of the fish are grayish-purple in shading. 

Guys are for the most part bigger and more splendidly shaded than females, and their caudal and dorsal balances are longer. Develop females are by and large more adjusted fit than guys. 


Phenacongrammus interruptus is a modestly solid animal category. In any case, their consideration prerequisites are very explicit, and subsequently, these fish are not suggested for complete fledglings. 

Congo tetras are delicate to helpless water quality. Whenever kept in unsuitable conditions, the fish will stain and blades will stain. 

These are somewhat timid fish that can succumb to assaults from more forceful tankmates, which can ultimately prompt pressure, injury, and possibly even demise. Therefore, you ought to consistently house Congo tetras with no less than six people so the fish are sure and have a sense of security in the tank climate. Albeit these tetras are tranquil, you should realize that they can nibble the balances of more modest fish. 

Furthermore, the Congo Tetra can be very fun-loving and development and uproarious commotions close to the tank can upset the fish and send them running for cover. Accordingly, don’t tap on the glass of the aquarium and keep the tank in a cool spot. 

care guide 

As recently referenced, the Congo Tetra isn’t the most effortless fish to really focus on, they are particular with regards to water quality. 

This is what you need to think about Congo tetra care prerequisites so you can be admonished before you dive in and get back a portion of these magnificent fish. 

tank size 

You will require a tank of no less than 40 gallons to oblige a school of these fish, as guys can develop to more than 3 crawls long. These tetras appreciate free-swimming in an aquarium and do a lot of planting, so a tank of 55 gallons or more is ideal on the off chance that you intend to keep schools of six people or more. 

Aquarium Management 

Congo tetras are moderately easy to really focus on, given that you keep the tank water clean. On the off chance that conditions become troublesome, the fish will lose their shading and may turn out to be sick. 

The aquarium ought to have a proficient filtration framework, and if the tank is very much loaded, you should do incomplete water switches around to 25% or all the more habitually every other week.

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