10 Best Online Video Makers For Your Business

10 Best Online Video Makers For Your Business

Running a successful business sometimes requires a bit of creativity. And with the rise of video content, it’s no longer necessary to hire a production company or host an event to get your message across. Video marketing is now an essential part of any successful marketing campaign and therefore has high competition. This is why your video must stand out when picking this form of marketing. One of the ways to make your videos stand out from the crowd is by using video editing tool to customize your videos for maximum effectiveness – for example, adding subtitles or B-roll images and animations. This article has mentioned ten of the best online video editing tools on the market that you can regularly use to create the right video for your company.


When your business is unique, your online video has to be too. It’s crucial to find a video editor that offers both full-fledged editing features and those that allow you to bring your videos to life with a few clicks. To get the most out of your video editor, ensure it offers everything you need, and then customize each feature as required.

  1. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor is a video editing tool many marketers prefer because of the ease with which you can add effects, insert text and create transition effects. You can also adjust your video’s color palette to enhance its visual appeal and use the VideoPad editor to add subtitles and voice-overs. It features two primary tabs – one for adding effects, transitions, and text, and another for adjusting the audio levels. It also has a third tab called “Image Editing,” allowing you to edit your videos easily. You’ll be able to use this feature to rotate, move and add text to your videos.

  1. InVideo

With InVideo’s video editing tool, you can add effects, adjust the audio and add image animations to your videos. You can even use it to split your videos into two or more parts to promote your other products and services using these. You need to select a section from your video, mark it as a “breakpoint” to create a new video, and then upload it separately on YouTube. The tool also lets you download free templates to edit your videos with the right music and text in place.

  1. Animoto

Do you want to make your videos stand out? A video maker that lets you create impressive animations can help. Animoto’s video editing tool is an excellent option if you’re looking for an editor that allows you to add text and voice-overs to your videos. You can even use it to add transitions, photos, and titles to your videos. One of the best things about this editor is that each new theme comes with a ready-made design, so all you have to do is upload your video, add effects and make edits before sharing it on social media.

  1. VideoProc

You can make the video editing process more accessible by using VideoProc’s video editing tool. It comes with a simple drag-and-drop interface and supports a wide range of formats including. AVI, MOV, MP4, and more. You can also use it to edit videos stored in your library or on your camera roll. VideoProc lets you create custom effects or animated graphics and set them as your video’s screen saver. The tool also allows you to add transitions and watermark your work to ensure that it stays yours forever.

  1. UltraEdit

With UltraEdit, you can quickly create a perfect video for your company. UltraEdit is an “approachable” video maker that most people can use without hassles. Its interface is clean and easy to use and comes with various effects, transitions, overlays, and clips to add to your videos. You also have access to a master guide that provides recipe-like steps for creating videos with business purposes in mind.

  1. VideoReel

VideoReel is video editing tool that allows you to upload your videos and make the necessary changes on the go. Users can set up a video intro or credits, add captions in different languages, trim and condense clips, crop and rotate images or add special effects. The video editor also lets you upload your videos to Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for easy sharing. Though, you can also email them directly from VideoReel’s interface.

  1. Magisto Video Editor

Magisto’s video editor is one of the few tool to offer a seamless experience for any device as it fits the screen on any device. It also comes with a simple interface that’s easy to use and does not require editing video skills. Magisto’s video editor has an auto-enhance tool that automatically enhances your videos for high quality and professional output. Using the tool, you can also add text to your videos and add special effects, transitions, and even audio clips.

  1. Flexclip

FlexClip lets you simplify video editing with its video editor that lets you trim and crop videos, create multiple videos from a single video, and even add custom text to your videos. One of the best things about this tool is that it comes with a built-in editor to change colors, fonts, frames, and styles midway through your project.

  1. WeVideo

WeVideo is a professional video editing tool for creative purposes. It allows you to create videos that are custom fit to your company’s campaign. You can apply the effects you want and save the video as an MP4 file on your hard drive for easy management.

  1. MPEG Streamclip

MPEG Streamclip has many features that make it a viable option for anyone looking for a simple video editor. It supports as many formats as most video editors, and it lets you add text, effects, and themes to your videos. It also has an “extract audio” feature that allows you to trim and extract audio from your videos to add narrations and voiceovers.


You can choose any of the above video editors depending on the features you want in your video editor and the level of ease you require in creating videos. However, it is essential to remember that the best video editor is not necessarily perfect for everyone when choosing a video editor. 


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